The obligatory “I’m back, bitches” life update.

It’s been a long time since I got around to writing a blog post about anything. I’ve been doing the Twitter thing a bit (pretty randomly), and a lot of worky writing (mainly in our internal sysadmin wiki), but haven’t really felt like writing in public much, especially on the personal or hobby fronts.

So I guess the personal update is … things haven’t changed much for me in the last few years, at least not in the big fast-moving milestones that other people my age seem to have.

On the health and fitness front, I’m still overweight and quite out of shape. Big shocker, right? Sleep schedule, still completely de-synched with the real world. Like, I’m writing this in the wee hours, because I don’t really feel like sleeping yet, even though it’s like 3 am local time.

Relationship-wise, I’m still single and sortof-but-not-really-looking too. That’s probably going to start to feel more urgent at some point, I guess? I dunno.

My job is pretty okay. I’m still at the same place (coming up on 7 years now). They like me (at least, they keep giving me very nice pay raises and unusually-frequent awards and such), and I’ve got a lot of autonomy and a lot of input into the more collective direction stuff. So that’s neat.

I guess the downside at work is that I’m feeling a bit like a victim of my own success. I have done a lot of really neat stuff over the last 7 years, but unfortunately a lot of it is landing in the sort of space where it’s really hard to hand off to other people — not because I want to hold onto it, but because everyone’s busy and nobody has the time or cognitive resources to grok a lot of things they didn’t build. Anyway, suffice it to say, a lot of work is great, and the part that isn’t is in the categories “understaffing” “tech debt” and “no real project management”.

Beyond that, when you’re one-deep in almost everything you do and have a lot of people who’ve grown to rely on your unique services, it can be easy to let time slip by and not take vacations. That’s pretty much my own fault, but I recently was feeling pretty burned out in general and surly about work stuff in particular. One of my coworkers (who I really liked working with) left a few weeks ago, and that kind of tipped the cart the rest of the way over… another coworker and good friend pointed out that there wasn’t really anything important going on and I should really take a vacation. It’s really amazing how much of an effect just unplugging from the grind for a while can have… I took a week off (mostly, only got dragged in on an issue once), and pretty much just hung out, played Minecraft and slept. Today (well… yesterday now) was my first day back, and usual post-vacation backlog aside, I’m actually feeling pretty good. Good enough to muster a blog post after a long and amazingly productive work day anyway :p. Last time I took any meaningful time off for something other than being sick was like, around Thanksgiving of 2012, and I spent a lot of that driving (which was awesome, iirc it was audiobooks of Moby Dick and Salem’s Lot).

I’m still living in the same house that I moved into in 2007. One of my roommates switched jobs and moved out to avoid having a 2 hour commute every day (which was a good move all around). The other got into a bit of a long-term relationship and functionally moved out (still pays rent and has stuff in the house, but usually stops by like twice a month and almost never sleeps here). So kind of a quiet place, but cluttered with stuff that isn’t mine and that gets in the way of me doing a lot to even clean it up much.

I’ve been looking at moving closer to work (partly just for a change, partly for a space I can more make my own, and partly because seriously, fuck the American Legion Bridge and I495 as a whole). But I’m in the endless “rent versus buy” debate cycle, and even splitting the rent on this house two ways is a shitload cheaper than any non-terrible option closer to work. So I’m sort of in a “building a big pile of money for maybe a down payment” holding pattern, but starting to feel the effects of that stasis.

Entertainments include: lots of audiobooks still. Podcasts (just 4 regulars: Hello Internet, Security Now, Arrested Devops, and The Ship Show. Spending a lot of time following youtube content … it’s amazing how much nerd-content is out there. Between conference presentations, tech talks, random topics, open course stuff, there’s …. a damned lot of things to watch. Lots of gaming still in my life, and occasionally I’ll pick up like a season of a tv show and watch it.

I suspect I need to pick up less sedentary and less techie hobbies at some point if I’m going to avoid the encroaching burnout, but … I guess I just kind of love what I do?

Maybe too much of my identity is tied up in what has become my profession, but honestly… looking at me-in-the-past, that seems kind of like it was inevitable :p.