flickery joe

So …. old “Flickery Joe” is now TW’s. One less old useless thing occupying space in my room. YEY!

I hope he gets more use out of it than I was getting. Granted, considering to me it was just a pure waste of space with no value, I’m sure he probably will :-D.

I got like …. nothing accomplished this weekend, except for getting rid of joe, a 4 hour flat symphony of the night run, and the blog migration. *shrug*. That’s fine, I guess.

I like the categories thing.

Brownies, Chili, Pizza

Brownies are the most kick-ass food invention in the world. Pizza is a close second. Chili is a close Third.

These are the things I’ve been living off of the last week. And I’m fine with that.

More WordPress Gushing

So yeah ….

it looks like this wordpress thing is going to work out pretty well.

At first I had trouble. I love my old graymatter layout and theme, and I was having difficulty emulating it with just straight-up CSS.

Then I realized … a lot of the reason for that is that my layout is mostly done in html in the templates.

So I poked around in the php files in the theme directory for a while, and tweaked some stuff, and rearranged some stuff, and tweaked some more stuff, and really spent ever since my last post overhauling stuff to make it look the way I want it to look.

The only thing I don’t think I can trivially emulate is by-date grouping. I’m sure it’d be easy if I knew enough php, but alas … I can only recognize it, not generate it.

This seems like a fairly easy road to walk though. I’m definitely impressed with WordPress so far.

Blog Migration

So … I’m axeing GrayMatter. The RSS feed is ghetto and hacked together, the engine is hard to convince to produce valid xhtml-1.0, the layout is sorta ghetto too (I had to hack it together with tables to make it work).

Update your RSS readers to point to the new feed, n’ such.